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Upstate Computer Services
1097 Highway 101 S D14
GreerSC 29651

About Us

Upstate Computer Services |1097 Highway 101 S D14GreerSC29651 | (864) 334-1961

About Upstate Computer Services

We started Upstate Computer Services to help small businesses with their IT needs. We did this by working with partners such as Avaya, Dell, AT&T, Cisco, HP, and Trend Micro to equip ourselves to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

By carefully choosing our strategic partners and technologies that best suit small businesses, we are able to offer your company the best solutions for your IT needs the first time.

Custom Network Solutions For Your Business

Since many of our solutions, including voice and video, are IP based, your business will be in great shape for the future and will not be stranded with outdated technology.

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