On-site I.T. Support

At Upstate Computer Services we have built an excellent reputation for one simple reason: We believe in excellence and we strive for it in everything we do. This includes everything from building computers and servers to offering the finest in on-site technical support.

Our years of experience in troubleshooting computer issues, and our documented success in reducing overall system downtime and mainly support service costs, have made us a leader in Managed IT support. On-site or off, no one works harder than we do to keep your firm’s business running smoothly. Excellence is our standard operating procedure.

We have devised exciting new ways for you to increase efficiency, enhance communications and stimulate productivity, while fully insulating your business from computer- and network-related problems. Our on-site services are just another way of fulfilling our total commitment to your company.

Every Upstate Computer Services solution is designed to resolve your computer and IT problems efficiently and transparently, whether you need the technical support on-site or over the phone. Either way we know that the ideal office network for your business is one that you don’t have to think about.

Contact our Technical support team for more information and to learn how the right Upstate Computer Services solution, including unlimited support on-site or off, can benefit your business.

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