SpecoUpstate Computer Services is proud to feature Digimerge DVRs & cameras as part of our lineup. The Digimerge DH200+Series DVRs offer unbeatable image quality, reliability and ease of use. Check out the DH200’s impressive features below:

  • View any/all video feeds in REAL TIME on your smart phone! Supports BlackBerry, iPhone and Android
  • H.264 compression, supports D1 resolution video recording
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 2TB of data storage
  • Back-up through USB port to Flash and optical drives
  • Excellent quality live and recorded video and audio
  • 480fps ‘real-time’ viewing, 240fps recording (8/16 channel)
  • CMS-DH application supports up to 300 DVRs, 64 channels, live playback, E-map, full control, up to 8 screen display
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Lite Touch operation